The Hidden Tears Project continues to crowd fund this week for the Shades of RED virtual reality film.  The goal of this VR experience is to involve the viewer in the experience of a sexual assault survivor “from discovery to recovery,” thereby creating empathy and a sense of urgency to take action.

“When faced with stories in VR, users tend to INTUITIVELY grasp complex issues and are emotionally attached to the characters they are experiencing. We have research clearly indicating that people become very sensitized to events they are witnessing ‘FIRST HAND.’ “

It also seeks to empower survivors by using dance, movement and survivor testimonials to strengthen their voices and build unity.

“Using immersive ways to visualize real time data from around the US, [the] final scene will help
shift the user’s perspective and connect them to the community of survivors that live among us.

Seeing a stylized representation of the number of sexual assault victims calling in to report their
cases will help the user understand the severity, scale and magnitude of the problem.”

The Hidden Tears Project is partnering on Shades of RED with a number of exceptional organizations, including Global Citizen, Equality Now, Women Like Us Foundation and Rotary International. The film will be given to these organizations for free, and they in turn with help distribute it to their members and survivors. The content can also be used as a tool to show policymakers that not only CAN we change things, we MUST change things.

#RedMeans Stop! 

To make a donation to the Shades of RED VR Experience, or to learn more about this project, click here