Petition from California Coalition Against Sexual Assault/California Partnership to End Domestic Violence:


Governor Brown: Invest $50 million in the State Budget to End Sexual and Domestic Violence in California

In between the lines of millions of survivors’ stories and the growth of #MeToo, you’ll see an urgent call to action: end this violence for future generations. To truly honor survivors we must prioritize prevention, while continuing to provide supports for healing. In spite of the staggering costs of sexual and domestic violence, the state of California has never invested in this key strategy to prevent these forms of violence.

This is the year for that to change. Californians, tell Governor Brown that our state is ready to get proactive: sign this petition to support $50 million to end sexual and domestic violence.

The California Partnership to End Domestic Violence and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault believe that we need to encourage healthy relationships much earlier in life and support thriving communities throughout California.

It’s time to draw courage from the voices of survivors, who are calling on us to invest in prevention strategies and work to end sexual and domestic violence in our communities. A $50 million investment will help create the social change needed to turn the tide on sexual and domestic violence. Here’s what our proposal includes:

  • Prevention Strategies: Our state must become proactive and stop violence before it happens. With community education, organizing, leadership development, and other strategies, we can change social norms, support young people in practicing respectful relationships, and promote thriving communities.
  • Comprehensive Wrap-Around Services: We must provide expanded services that support survivors beyond an immediate crisis, and fund service delivery approaches that holistically meet the needs of survivors. This includes approaches like flexible housing financial assistance, culturally relevant community based services, and alternative therapy modalities— all necessary elements for the many survivors of sexual and domestic violence whose trauma has interrupted their careers and education.
  • Research and Innovation: California must support research to make justice and healing meaningful for survivors. By funding emerging practices, we can explore accountability alternatives to the criminal legal system and more. Research and evaluation of programs can also help identify and articulate the impact of services.

We refuse to continue to focus on short-term solutions: issues of sexual violence and domestic violence require a commitment to prevention. Let’s do what it takes to invest in healthy relationships and thriving communities instead. Governor Brown needs to support $50 million to end sexual and domestic violence in our state. #InvestInPrevention

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